19 September 2013

Crimson-backed Sunbird at Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa.

Crimson-backed Sunbird 
( Leptocoma minima)

Other common names: Small Sunbird.

Family: Nectariniidae (Sunbirds)
[IOC World Bird Names Ver 3.4.]

Taxonomy:  Cinnyris minima Sykes, 1832, Western Ghats, Deccan, west India.
Genus often subsumed in Nectarinia. Genus names Leptocoma and Chalcostetha described simultaneously, on consecutive pages of same publication; former has been selected by First Reviser as having precedence. Present species probably closest to L. zeylonica. Monotypic.

Similar Species :
The male somewhat resembles the Purple-rumped Sunbird, but does'nt have the bright shoulder patches and white flanks of that species. The female Crimson-backed looks similar to the female Purple-rumped, except for her red rump.

Distribution :
Endemic to Western Ghats of India (from N of Mumbai, S to hills of S Kerala), in W India.

IUCN Red List Status 2012 & Threats :        
Least Concern.

Habitat & Altitude:
Habitat (level 1)
Habitat (level 2)
Artificial/ Terrestrial
Plantations/ Rural Gardens
Subtropical/ Tropical Dry/ Moist Lowland

About the Photograph:
A trip to Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary (Goa, India), in August-September some time ago, and its preferred delicacy in flowering ( nectar) available, gave me an opportunity to photograph this usually hyperactive bird from close quarters, spend an hour or so to get the best i wanted, and yes so amazing really to

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